I’m Teresa and my mission is to help you achieve your dreams and goals in business and your life, to find the clarity and focus you need to do this and to coach you to be confident enough to create new approaches and to take the action needed.

Along the journey, you will grow and discover so much about yourself too.

Better communication, understanding and aligning your values, identifying with your strengths and weaknesses will all contribute to you being able to communicate your personal brand in your business and to be more of the real you!

I have learnt lessons and built on these and developed my strengths as a career professional and entrepreneur for years so I understand that doing something you love and are passionate about is fantastic and rewarding – but sometimes the business side of it can be overwhelming and it can feel rather an uphill struggle. In my experience most entrepreneurs just want to do they love but lots of other things need attention!

Even when you feel it’s impossible and you want to give up – don’t! Resilience is a huge part of being in business.  Anything can change- and you are your own game changer, whatever stage you are at. So always invest in support and look to make better decisions every step of the way. Especially when you are taking your business to a new stage and want to up your game.

Building a successful business is no mean feat; lots of hard work, time and tremendous dedication coupled with with life and family balancing.  If you are reading this, you will already have your own business or be ready to create one -so all power to you!


You have already been brave and bold!

So what next?

If you want to establish your own business or to grow the one you have

…then yes, of course you CAN do it.

With the right road map though – as opposed to the unmarked trail.

Trial and error or ‘seeing how it goes’ is a recipe for disaster.  All businesses need to be tightly focussed and correctly supported. Otherwise you will learn the hard way through errors which takes time and money.

Having worked hard, enjoyed success and recognition in both my corporate and entrepreneur worlds and experienced the trials too, I know that splitting focus doesn’t work. You need to be ON your business not constantly IN it – that is usually where it ends up after a couple of years suddenly having no time to think about the actual business as you are so busy doing it!

My coaching approach is about helping you to think in a new way, stand strong with your vision, develop your strengths and new ways of thinking and, most importantly, to stay on your own track. There are many distractions and diversions out there!


‘Success is liking yourself, liking what you do
and liking how you do it’

You have the capacity in yourself to achieve anything you want. Keeping the right mindset and clear vision is what’s needed.

I have always enjoyed helping others to grow, develop and be successful and I am fascinated with the power of the mind; how we can change how we think and create what we want. The capacity is there for every single person – is it just a question of tapping into how to harness it and set your mindset for success and about being very clear on why you are doing what you do.

What we do or don’t do in life is rarely all about skills – and always about mindset and beliefs.

Effective communication holds power and my coaching is underpinned by NLP training (neuro linguistic programming) This is all about the patterns we run in our behaviours, our preconceptions, beliefs and judgements we hold and how they hold us back and limit us. Through changing these pattern and developing the understanding of communication, you can begin to shape new paths towards growth and success. My background of therapies and counselling, plus a lifelong interest in personal development, made it a natural progression for me to train in NLP and professional coaching.

Coaching is a privileged space to work in – for me to be able to help another person to connect with themselves, discover their truths, dig deep, change and grow towards what they want in life is incredibly rewarding.

Read My Story about the highs, lows, and experiences in my life and business that have brought me to where I am today.


My Philosophy

  • Everyone has a different perspective. Don’t expect people to think the way you do and be disappointed or frustrated when they don’t. You can learn to understand others and how to reframe situations. By learning to examine ideas, beliefs and from a variety of different angles it is easier to figure out how things can work and build better relationships all round.
  • It will never be the ‘right’ time. Often, the fear of starting things can stop us from trying. Ideas stay stuck in your head and go nowhere. But nothing comes from nothing and a goal without a timeline and action is nothing more than a dream. Don’t let fear stop you.
  • Pace yourself. In our modern world, life can seem overwhelming and hugely pressured, especially when we are trying new things or moving in new directions.  Breaking everything down into bite-sized tasks and goals means better management. less overwhelm and a better chance of success.
  • Life is short. Do what you love, give things a go, make better decisions,  take your opportunities. There is no failure, only feedback. Always be grateful and always be generous.  The clock is only ticking one way so whatever you want, it is within you to achieve –  don’t short change yourself.

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