1. Building Confidence

Confidence in business is invaluable. Being supported by a great coach gives you the space to work out challenges, enhance your confidence, deal with crisis and handle conflict. A professional bounce board keeps you sharp too and able to perform at your best. A great coach will facilitate you to find the answers within you, offer accountability and enable you to plan your own achievable goals. As a founder of a business, your time is incredibly valuable. A committed coach can help you make the best of it.

2. Understanding how to work well with different types of people

Coaching typically includes work around perspectives, understandings, personality and leadership style and empowers you to better understand yourself. Along your business life though, you’ll be introduced to many different personality types and leadership characteristics, so business coaching is a great way to better hone your skills in learning how to work most effectively with diverse types of people in business and life.

3. Help you see the wood for the trees

A common phrase meaning that sometimes, when you are too close to something, you can develop blind spots. A sharp business coach will have an objective point of view, and the ability to quickly identify problem areas that maybe you cannot see. They will be able to offer solutions or strategies you might not know or have considered and really challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone so you can take your business to the next level.

4. Combat unconscious incompetence

Simply put – there are things we don’t know we don’t know! There is a window here in all of us – otherwise known as opportunity, possibility and growth. A coach provides another set of eyes and skills that can reveal and navigate blind spots in your business, leading you to a new space of possibility.

5. Ask the right questions

A business coach will ask strategic and powerful questions that challenge you to think critically about your business, make shifts and remove self-limiting beliefs. A coach brings a new perspective and asks higher level questions to really deep dive into your deeper needs and values, those of your business and make sure they are aligned. This is especially helpful after you have been working on your business for a
couple of years, get caught up in the daily grind and have become a bit paralysed or ‘stuck’ with your thinking process, resulting in not moving forward.

6. Avoid burnout

Feel like you’re constantly stressing about a million different problems? Your headspace so full you are going to explode? A list so long you never get it done? Sleeping badly and running on empty? Warning – burnout! Coaching is wonderful for helping you triage these issues and decide which challenges are worth addressing immediately, which ones can wait and which ones may not be worth worrying about ever!

7. Accountability

This is really more like no.1 as it is what all coaches live and breathe. Accountability is absolutely key to moving forward and also to working on well-formed goals. When you work alone, it is easy to tell yourself oh, I can do that later or I didn’t have time… but when you are working with a coach and you will be asked how that implementation went, you have to do it! It also helps to train you in self- accountability as you begin to learn that your actions really DO get results. So for the period of investment with a business coach you will learn that accountability is very powerful. It is also very valuable having someone invested in you, for you with no judgements or expectations – it is all about YOU and what YOU expect.

8. Business strategy & planning

It is extremely difficult to plan your marketing, branding, social media, growth, scaling plans when you are working IN your business instead of ON. A business coach is experienced in helping you to plan in a smart and sensible manner, also figuring out exactly what strategies are best for your business, who your target clients are and where you can reach them most effectively.

9. Develop self-awareness as a business owner

As an entrepreneur, there’s a strong temptation at the beginning (and need!) to do everything yourself. A business coach can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you to work more effectively around these, encouraging you to focus on your strengths so that your business operates efficiently.

10. Achieve the Success you want

When you dedicate time to yourself and your business and invest in your future with a coach, you learn skills and strategies to manage better and grow your business in a logical and realistic manner no matter how high you are aiming. During the coaching process, you will learn about yourself, have mind shifts, remove blocks and grow as a person too. You will deal with any issues that hold you back consciously or subconsciously and this dedicated space for yourself to focus with a coach who works well with you will be invaluable for years to come. There is a lot of experience a coach will bring and coupled with their professional coaching skills and your knowhow of your own business, you can take your business and life anywhere you want. It is impossible for things not to change on your coaching journey, not all of which will be expected or comfortable and there can be some tough work to get through. But once you do, you will never look back.