From Goals to Reality –

6 Ways to Set and Achieve your Goals

‘A goal is a dream with a deadline’ – Napoleon Hill

We all have dreams. We all want things. Whatever they may be, we dream of what we want… freedom, businesses, property, health, love, family, travel… and everything else along the way.

There are lots of goals in life– business, personal, short term, long term ones and they are all part of a framework and purpose to be measured by.

They are all about achieving – moving from where you are to where you want to be.

They also have to fit in with how YOU view life and what YOUR perspective is, not what other people think is best.

The path to achieving goals can be challenging with obstacles to be overcome. All the more reason to approach your goals from a successful viewpoint and start as you mean to go on.

The Principles of Success

5 key areas to set and achieve your goals.

  1. Understand your ‘WHY’ around you goals – everything then becomes clearer

The more a goal aligns with your inner or core values – the EASIER it will be to achieve. You can achieve goals that don’t align with your values but it’s harder to do and less satisfying.

When things get tough, you will question why you are even doing it and that’s when the apathy settles in and you lose focus and get confused.

If you don’t know your values, do some values exercises to identify them. Knowing these will make an incredible difference.


How to do this… ask yourself these questions

  1. Is this goal in line with my life vision/overall life-plan?  

(Don’t know – what does your gut tell you?)

  • Is this goal in line with my values?

(Unsure? Ask yourself what’s REALLY important to you in life – will this goal help you achieve more of that?)

  • Are the goals something I truly want, or are they something I think I SHOULD have or SHOULD be doing?  

(Tip: If it is a SHOULD, it may be someone else’s dream…)

  • When I think about my goal does it give me a sense of deep contentment or ‘rightness’, happiness and/or excitement?

(If so, these are good signs that it’s a healthy goal.)

  • If I could have the goal RIGHT NOW – would you take it?

(If not, why not? What issues are there?)

  • Goals need to be OUTCOME FOCUSED as well as aligned with your core values.

What does that mean? It means you need to know what you really want before you try and get there and not just what you think you want.

Ask yourself these questions…

What is it that I really, REALLY want?

Dig deep…don’t accept your surface answers!

Why do I want it?

Same as above – dig for the real answer!

What is the SPECIFIC outcome I am looking for?

What do you want at the end of all this? – know exactly what that looks like otherwise you may accept another outcome as having reached your goal when actually, you didn’t!

What is the PAIN for me of NOT achieving my goal?

If you don’t consider there to be any pain as a result of not achieving it then how hard are you going to try? How much do you really want it? There’s your answer to some of the times you may not have reached goals in the past – it was no real loss. More like a try, just a bit of an effort at being goal driven.

Come on! You can do better than that – make it worth reaching and know it will hurt if you don’t in some way or another…financially, emotionally or physically.

  • They need to be SMART and WELL-FORMED

This is a well-known coaching tool for goal setting and it’s just common sense really. If you can align all your goals using this tool, then you are well on the way to achieving them already.

Specific …so you know exactly what you’re trying to achieve

Measurable …so you know when you’ve achieved it

Action-oriented… so you can DO something about it!

Realistic…so it is achievable

Time-Bound…has a deadline

    Look at the size of your goals too. Ask yourself these questions…

 Clearly define your goals sizewise to tie in with being realistic about where you are now and to position bigger goals in the future once these are met, like stepping stones.

  1. Is my goal the right size to be working on?

Too big? Break down into smaller goals. Too small? Fit into a larger goal.

  • What would be my MINIMUM/easy level of goal to achieve?
  • What would be my TARGET level of goal to achieve?
  • What would be my EXTRAORDINARY level of goal to achieve?

Always state your goals in the positive: ie.

“I want a successful business that is profitable”

   rather than

“I want to stop losing money in my business “

  • You need to have a positive mindset to achieve goals

6 points to remember

Encourage Yourself – Praise yourself and enjoy it when you are making progress

Lose the Guilt – Don’t feel guilty if you don’t reach every goal every time!

Refocus, debrief what worked and what didn’t, adjust and go again

Be Accountable – Don’t let yourself off the hook – if that part is hard, get a coach or mentor

Be Kind to yourself – no one is measuring you but you! So be fair to yourself

Be Self-Aware – know how you are feeling about things and what that means – be able to tell if what you are doing isn’t working and change it.


Do something about achieving the goals now.

Take the first step.

Look at the resources you already have and get going.

Don’t wait for perfect times and everything to be in line.

Just start and NOW – get perfect later on!