Here are 3 common myths that stop YOU taking action and keep you in the comfort zone (which isn’t very comfortable after a while either)

‘I don’t want to be over confident or seen as arrogant. What will people think of me?’

You don’t need to be arrogant – It takes a certain level of confidence to acknowledge your capacities and how great you can be, because how many people will agree with you?  Most people will knock you down. They love to do that even if it isn’t to your face- I know people this has happened to when they are setting up their businesses– just forget them!

I know what I would want to create in the world and I know how I want to change people’s lives, directions and businesses to the outcomes that THEY want. So you just need to get your vision clear and your ‘confidence or arrogance’ is the willingness to put yourself out there and be everything you can be, also to empower others so they can be everything they can be.

Once you learn more self-awareness too, your confidence will be strong ad quiet – in alignment with who you are and what you want.

‘I don’t know enough’

You don’t have to know everything— but you do have to educate yourself with what you need to know. Surround yourself with experts in what you want to create and ask them questions. Remember you are the source of creation, not money or anyone else. If you want to start a new business then ask, “How do I make this happen?” “What is this going to take?”  “What resources do I need?”  “Who can help me?”

Then go ahead and start finding out what you need to know – then you will know enough to start.

‘I don’t know where to start’

You have to take action every single day, even if it’s making phone calls or getting your email list shaped up. You can’t sit back, watch NETFLIX, google and scroll to your heart’s content with a large G&T and still expect to grow your business or launch a new one!

I mean you can – but only if you have taken some action before that!

Don’t talk about doing things, DO THEM. If you have an idea, expand it, explore it, research it, get business advice but don’t do NOTHING.

Because remember this – NOTHING comes of NOTHING! – so even when it is really hard, just keep going yes because it is hard often in business but be strategic and  ask yourself – What else can I do?  And then what? And then what? And after each answer, put something into place. And you will start to move towards your goals.

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