Thinking to develop your skills?

Are you considering becoming a professional coach?

When I first wanted to become a coach, I looked at so many different options and costs, it was overwhelming.

Life Coach, Business Coach, Wellness Coach, Mindset Coach… the list went on and more are appearing every day.

‘Coach’ is an overused word now really and it can be a minefield to comprehend when you start exploring what it could mean for you to coach others.

But here’s the thing, coaching is exactly the same whatever niche you are in.  A coaching qualification teaches you a framework to navigate in, skills to use and tools to enable great results. So then you can fit that to your own niche.

If that training is accredited to a professional body too, it gives you and others the confidence that you have a achieved a measured level of ability and are in an expert position to help others. You have also invested both financially and personally in yourself, your skills and your career.

I found my training to be life-changing and it has set me on a new path. I knew I wanted NLP training and a professional qualification. I could not find that combination easily – until I found the ACT course.

So for me it was an easy decision and the reason I talk about it here is that I strongly believe in industry standards and there are no official ones in coaching. This means there are many coaches who are not trained as a coach and are operating more in a module of training combined with teachings of their own. That is great but it isn’t coaching.

My coach training was delivered by an NLP Master Trainer and very successful International Executive Coach, highly qualified and experienced in his field,  not to mention a professional speaker who delivers talks and presentations all over the world.

If you are thinking of moving forward in your business or career and want to become a coach, please drop me a line to talk about it. I am happy to spend some time on this subject and often speak to people  about what courses or training to do and the options out there.

If you want to train as a coach to grow the business you have then it is wise to consider how you will do that, the time and investment required and which course is best for you.

The ICF accredited ACCT professional training I undertook was a game changer for me in my life and my career.


‘A good coach can change a game… a great coach can change a life’



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