Working together


Is this you?

You’re good at hiding your feelings. To others, you seem so together – but inside you feel quite frustrated, lacking and not as confident as you seem.

You find it hard to make decisions with confidence and certainty

You are hard-working and committed but your lack of self-belief can get in your way of doing anything too different, ambitious or new.

You want to develop your business and earn more but are unsure of the direction or where to start

You feel overwhelmed with options and find it hard to get perspective

You have ideas and try new things but let them go, unable to keep the consistency or execute them effectively

Your self-doubt resurfaces often – even when things are good!

You suffer with ‘comparisonitis’ or ‘imposter syndrome’ just feeling you are not doing enough or being good enough

You play down your successes and struggle to self-promote

You KNOW you are getting in your own way!

If so, I see you.

As a businesswoman and entrepreneur I know what it’s like to question things, to feel doubt, fear and also isolation whilst striving towards your dreams and goals.

I also know what it’s like to work through it and live life on your terms. The freedom that brings. Freedom on the outside – to make the decisions that suit you.

And, most importantly, freedom on the inside: knowing that you’re on your own side, you’ve got your inner compass, and whatever happens, you can handle it.

1:1 Coaching enables us to get deep into your personal strengths, values and find your blocks and where you are stuck. Working this way means there’s no place to hide – and that’s a good thing!

It’s likely you may feel a bit vulnerable or unsure about what will happen during the coaching journey and what it is all about. That’s the flipside of potential change, new inspiration and personal growth for you and your business.

The comfort zone is no longer comfortable

So if embarking on coaching feels a bit scary, then you are in the right place.

You’re here because you’re ready for more, ready different, and the comfort zone is no longer comfortable.

Coaching is a journey of personal development as well as business development…change, decisions, growth.

I bring to you all my business acumen and professional success,  certified coaching, NLP and counselling training coupled with my deep desire to work with women like to help you to move away from these doubts and frustrations and towards being your ultimate self; running the business you love, leading a life you want.

I’m totally committed to you, and the change YOU want.

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How we can work together:

“I have had a lot of training and coaching in the past and have run a business before so I knew what coaching was all about.”

“Teresa has an incredible way of helping me to zoom out on my business and life and things became so clear and apparent that I hadn’t seen before. She reads the unspoken things so well too. I examined myself and my business with fresh perspective allowing mt to reframe and focus. I was able to make a very important decision which I had been procrastinating over which gave me immense clarity for my future. I developed new strategies with Teresa that I was stuck on by myself. She has an uncanny way of being very intuitive about things and that, coupled with her knowledge and experience, made her an excellent match as a coach for me.”

Jane Wolkenstein

Food & Health Coach

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